2017-12-06编辑: Eileen来自: 成都环球教育


  I m robert you can call me by my Chinese name wang xing .

  I have been teaching ielts and toefl 2001 for about 17years in global school,continuously.i did masters in chemical engineering and chemistry.i have taught in all main universities in Chengdu ,such as southwest university of finance ,Jiaotong university and Sichuan normal university as well.thousands of Chinese students of all age groups I taught and every students success is my source of inspiration to carry on working diligently. Besides this,I taught LCCIEB(London chambers of commerce and industries examination board) and business english .playing guitar ,reading books, traveling and enjoying delicious food is what I like .

  I m friendly patient and easy to get along .global school is my home Chinese are my friend and my students are my family .


  从 2001年来环球教育到现在我已教了雅思和托福17年。化学工程硕士。毕业后主要在成都大学教英语,如西南大学、 西安交通大学和四川师范大学。我教授了不同年龄段的上千名学生,并且每个学生成功是我继续努力工作的动力。除此之外,我还在教工商会(伦敦商会和行业考试委员会)商务英语。



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