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  1. However

  1)We thought the figures were correct. However, we have now discovered some errors.我们原以为这些数据正确,不过我们现在发现了一些错误。

  2)However, he smothered, as best he was able, these feelings.然而,他尽其所能抑制住了这些感情。

  3)If, however, you are an extrovert you are quite likely to enjoy it.然而,如果你是一个性格外向的人,你很可能会喜欢它。

  4)It was, however, a little disappointing.不过,这有点儿令人失望。

  2. Nonetheless

  1) The book is too long but, nonetheless, informative and entertaining.这本书篇幅太长,但是很有知识性和趣味性。

  2) The problems are not serious. Nonetheless, we shall need to tackle them soon.问题不严重, 不过我们还是需要尽快处理。

  3) Nonetheless, it contains an element of truth.然而它也有些道理。

  3. Nevertheless

  1) He was very tired, nevertheless he kept working.他累得很,然而仍继续工作。

  2) There is little chance that we will succeed in changing the law. Nevertheless, it is important that we try.我们几乎没有可能改变法律。不过,重要的是我们努力争取。

  3) Nevertheless, they deserve notice and respect.然而,他们应该受到重视和尊敬。

  4. By comparison

  1) He was mortified by comparisons between his classmates’ good marks and his own.拿自己的成绩与同学们的优异成绩相比较他感到羞愧。

  2) By comparison, expenditure on education increased last year.相比之下,去年教育经费增加了。

  5. By contrast

  1) By contrast, she was much more outspoken.对比起来,她坦率得多。

  2) When you look at their new system, ours seems very old-fashioned by contrast.看看他们的新系统,我们的相比之下就显得太过时了。

  6. Therefore

  1) He is young and therefore easily pervertible.他年轻,因而容易变坏。

  2) All sincere opinions should therefore be respected.因此一切诚恳的意见都应该收到尊重。

  3) He is highly strung, and therefore, subject to heart attacks.他神经高度紧张,所以很容易发心脏病。

  4) Therefore energy is now not a peripheral but a central issue in the economy.因此,能源在现时经济中并非枝节问题而是一个中心问题。

  5) We have a growing population and therefore we need more and more food.我们的人口越来越多,因此我们需要越来越多的食物。

  7. Hence

  1) It’s handmade and hence expensive.这是手工制作的,因此价格很贵。

  2) The computer has become smaller and cheaper and hence more available to a greater number of people.计算机已向小型低价的方向发展,从而使更多的人能够用上。

  8. Thus

  1) Life was thus made richer.生活因此变得更加丰富充实了。

  2) We have failed. Thus we have to take the consequences.我们失败了。因此,我们只得承担后果。

  3) We hope the new machine will work faster, thus reducing our costs.我们希望新机器将工作得更快,从而降低成本。

  4) We’re able to do in-depth research and thus spot future trends.我们能作深度的研究,因而能看出来未来的趋向。

  5) Old people often try to economize on heating, thus endangering their health.老年人常常想方设法节约暖气,结果损害了他们的健康。

  6) The universities have expanded, thus allowing many more people the chance of higher education.大学扩招了,这样就使更多人能有机会接受高等教育。

  7) A rise in incomes will create increased purchasing power, thus stimulating demand for goods and services.收入增加会提高购买力,从而刺激对商品及服务行业的需求。

  8) We give money to charities, and thus salve our consciences.我们给慈善事业捐款,从而使自己的良心得到宽慰。

  9. In view of

  1) In view of the recent developments, we do not think this step advisable.考虑到最近事态的发展,我们认为这一步不可取。

  2) Voluntary work was particularly important in view of the fact that women were often forced to give up paid work on marriage.考虑到妇女婚后常常被迫放弃有偿工作,志愿工作就尤为重要。

  10. More often than not

  1) Food is scarce and more often than not they go hungry.食物特别少,所以他们经常挨饿。

  2) More often than not, his dog will try to bite his guests.他的狗经常会去咬客人。

  11. On the one hand

  1) On the one hand they’d love to have kids, but on the other, they don’t want to give up their freedom.一方面,他们想要孩子,但另一方面,他们又不想放弃自由自在的生活。

  2) The firm was accommodating its customers on the one hand and making aggressive demands on the other.这家公司一方面尽量给顾客提供方便,另一方面则向他们大提要求。

  12. For instance

  1) What would you do, for instance, if you found a member of staff stealing?比如说,如果你发现有职员偷东西,你会怎么办?

  2) It is a very nice town; it’s got very nice shops for instance.那是座非常好的城镇;例如,它有很好的商店。

  3) Taking advertising for instance.以广告为例。

  4) Let’s take Napoleon, for instance.以拿破仑为例。

  5) Murder, petty theft and tax evasion, for instance, all have different motives and consequences.比如谋杀、小偷小摸和逃税,都有不同的动机和后果。



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